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Wednesday, October 9, 2019
9 Oct 8:26pm Brexit: Will the flower industry wilt or bloom?
Radio 1 Newsbeat follows a bunch of flowers on its journey from Europe’s largest auction to a florist in Kent.
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9 Oct 7:50pm Google offers tool for cities to measure emissions
Data from Google Maps could help cities plan to lower emissions.
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9 Oct 7:04pm Full fibre - Hull shows the way
Hull has become the first city in the UK where everyone can get full fibre broadband.
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9 Oct 7:03pm Oxfam alleges abuse in UK supermarket supply chains
A "relentless" drive for profits is fuelling poverty, abuse, and discrimination, the charity said.
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9 Oct 3:57pm Updated Tech giants face higher tax bills under shake-up
The OECD has proposed more powers for governments to tax big companies.
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9 Oct 11:43am Who are the family buying Thomas Cook shops?
The Sunderland firm that began in the back of a childrenswear store is buying 555 Thomas Cook shops.
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9 Oct 10:51am Updated Thomas Cook buyers pledge to save 555 shops and 2,500 jobs
The husband and wife owners of Hays Travel say they are hoping to keep open all 555 shops.
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9 Oct 10:25am Links of London: Jobs at risk as firm goes into administration
The luxury jewellery firm has 28 standalone stores and seven concessions in the UK and Ireland.
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9 Oct 8:07am Updated Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay man $8bn over breast growth
A US jury finds Johnson & Johnson guilty of negligence over an anti-psychotic drug.
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9 Oct 4:53am Ladbrokes owner sees profits boost despite gambling crackdown
GVC, which also owns Coral, confirms 900-shop closure plan despite profits growth.
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9 Oct 3:48am Goldman Sachs reviews role in Chinese tech firm Megvii
Goldman Sachs is advising Megvii, but the US has put the Chinese AI firm on a human rights blacklist.
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